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“Gary & Jessie poured their heart and soul into planning, hosting and supporting this amazing tour” Jennie – 2014 Southern Az. Discovery Tour

 Health-Conscious Retired Americans Who Regard Bicycling as “The New Golf” Are Planning                                          More Two-Wheeled Tours of National Parks Including the Grand Canyon

Tucson, Az., August 16, 2014 – Baby Boomers on Bikes – more gray-haired bicyclists are lining the rim of the Grand Canyon and other popular US tourist destinations because of the growing popularity of bicycle tourism.  In response, Arizona Cycling Tours (ACT) and other bicycle expedition companies have created tours to meet the needs of older bicyclists.  ACT just announced the dates for its fall 2014 Sedona/Grand Canyon Tour, which accommodates slower and faster-paced bicyclists of all ages. Tour start dates are Sept 24th, 2014 and Oct 8th, 2014.  For more information and a video preview of the tour, visit:  www.arizonacyclingtours.com.

Recent studies by various tourism bureaus agree – bicycle tourism is becoming the vacation of choice among older Americans. Touring by bicycle is easier on aging joints than jogging, lets riders cover greater distances than walking and allows for a more intimate, up-close experience than riding in cars, buses or trains.  To support the growing popularity of bicycling among older Americans, The number of new regional recreational trails has increased across the country with some trails stretching for hundreds of miles – perfect for a cycling vacation.  In Arizona, officials with the Red Rock Ranger District recently announced the addition of 45 miles of bike trails, bringing the total number of forest trails available to bicyclists to 170.

“We’ve noticed older riders signing up for our bike tours in recent years,” said Gary Menard, owner/ operator of Arizona Cycling Tours and organizer of this falls Grand Canyon Tour.  “Besides being a great way to get close to Mother Nature, bicycling can also offset weight gain with healthy exercise.

The 5-day, all inclusive, bike tour Menard is planning for the Grand Canyon, this fall, is the type of “Bicycle Vacation” taking off in popularity this year among older Americans.  The term “bicycle tourism” refers to non-competitive cycling trips, ranging from daylong city tours to multi day explorations along a route. Experienced cyclists may travel independently on self-guided tours, but most boomers opt for organized ones designed to meet their interests and skill levels.

In the Sedona/Grand Canyon Tour, vacationers will experience some of Arizona’s most iconic landscapes such as the red rocks of Sedona, the towering pines of Flagstaff and the always inspiring vistas of Grand Canyon National Park.   Enjoying these one-of-a-kind picturesque areas by bicycle, riders will immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings and relax while relishing the scenic views too numerous to count.

The Sedona/Grand Canyon tour was developed with the entry-level cyclist in mind, providing more people the opportunity to enjoy bicycle touring. “Many people we spoke to were intimidated by the majority of the tours offered by most tour companies, including ours, with most exceeding 40-50 miles per day.” said Menard.   “The incredible experience of riding through some of the most remarkable scenery on earth was something I thought should be available to all cyclists.”  The average riding distance, on the 4 cycling days during the tour, is 20 miles.   All equipment will be provided (road or hybrid bicycle, helmet and gloves) to make travel as hassle-free as possible. Also, the Sedona/Grand Canyon Tours begin in Scottsdale, Az., allowing for convenient travel through the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix.

Gary & Jessie Menard are hands-on owners, personally creating, organizing and running all tours. They can be reached at (520) 245-5797.

Arizona Cycling Tours is all about Arizona. We are a locally owned and operated bicycle touring company based in Tucson, doing what we do best, sharing our passion for cycling and our love for the Sonoran Desert. Let us guide you to an experience that you will not soon forget. Come and discover the blue skies and bright sunshine of the Southwest as you ride your bike through forests of majestic saguaro cactus. Imagine what it was like for the first settlers trekking across the unknown of the desert and gaze upon an endless Arizona night sky. Saddle up on your trusty two wheeled steed as you cross the Arizona territory and explore such places as the historic mining town of Bisbee, southern Arizona wineries, and a Spanish mission just to name a few. At Arizona Cycling Tours, your tour guides are not only local experts but are also the owners. Gary and Jessie Menard use their combined 40 plus years of cycling experience to show you a way to enjoy our state on roads a little less traveled. You will relax at only the best accommodations and indulge in the area’s finest dining. From the glorious mountains surrounding Tucson, to the sprawling pastures of Sonoita and the soothing beauty of the Huachuca Mountains, your heart will forever be etched with memories of spectacular sunsets, rolling desert landscapes and good times with new friends. LizardAt Arizona Cycling Tours, we keep our groups small. It is paramount that we give unsurpassed customer service to every client on our tour. Jessie is in charge of two support vehicles while Gary is riding amongst the group on the road. There are various mileage options available on most days and of course the van is always on hand to provide a break or a ride to the next  lunch spot. Picture yourself relaxing under the sun in the old mining town of Bisbee, enjoying a well-earned lunch.  Mmmmm, don’t be shy, because unfortunately, it doesn’t travel well in a jersey pocket. When you come to southern Arizona, expect life to slow down just a bit, allowing you to relax and enjoy the many adventures under the sun!